Followers - an Orthodox Educational Program (3-18 years)
Followers - an Orthodox Educational Program (3-18 years)


Multiple Intelligences
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Q: Who is "Followers" for?

A: "Followers" is for any parish or other Orthodox community that has children in its midst ... whether that is ONE child or a hundred children or more.  It could also be of use to schools and other educational bodies?

Q: I thought Orthodox Christianity was taught at home and within the family.  Why do we need this?

A:  It is!  However, the reality is that many families need help from the Church especially in situations outside Orthodox countries where there may not be a uniform commitment to the Orthodox Christian faith in all family situations.  It is also the case, more generally, that children and young people need to work out and explore their faith and life among others of their own or similar ages.  There is also a socialisation aspect to this; a need to associate with one's Chrisatian peers and friends.

Q: Why have you put so much content into this web site?

A: To give you maximum flexibillity and choice.  The aim is not to use ALL the material unless you need to.  See the Syllabus page for a more detailed guide and explanation.

Q: Where do we start and how do we develop the work locally?


  1. Collect information - List the children you have in each age range with their ages.
  2. Recruit a team of teachers so that you have manageable classes.  See the Syllabus page for how you should match the lessons to the children you actually have.  As you are aware those working with chidren under 18 must have Child Protection DBS Clearance.  Please contact your Parish Safeguarding Officer for further information before undertaking any work with children.  Our Archdiocesan Safeguarding Officer, Kh. Helen Hallam, is also available to answer your Safeguarding queries. (email)
  3. Appoint a Coordinator (a Senior Leader), not only to manage your work locally but also to communicate with the Editorial Team of "Followers."  Let us know who this person is please and keep our Contact information up to date.  
  4. Begin the lessons whenever you like but start in the right term, (Term 1: Autumn / Fall; Term 2: Winter / Spring; Term 3: Summer).
  5. Keep good records in a book accessible to all teachers and assistants which will show an historical record of session dates, years / year groups, individual attendances, lessons delivered (by reference code - see file name) and attainments (if relevant and for rewards or certification purposes).

Q:  We have some volunteers offering to do this work but they are hesitant because they are not experienced teachers.  Isn't this a problem?

A:  Not at all.  This programme has been developed so that all the "heavy lifting" in terms of content, delivery and resources is already available and ready to use.  Pray for wisdom, guidance and patience then follow the instructions, learn from experience and you will be just fine!

Q: On the Lesson Plans, I note that you have some coloured graphics with the headings: Verbal, Logical, Spatial, Kinaesthetic, Musical, Intra-Personal, Inter-Personal and Nature?  What is that all about?

A: All of us are different and all of us (children and adults included) have different preferences in how we most effectively learn.  "Followers" has been developed to give as wide as possible opportunities for learning in these different modes (or "Multiple Intelligences").  Each lesson is indexed with a red tick for those modes used in any given lesson.  As the lessons develop and improve with use and experience, the aim would be to increase the number of these modes or intelligence pathways used.  The practice of Multiple Intelligences was developed by Dr Howard Gardner in 1983.  Go here for further information. See the top of this page for a sumarry explanation.

Q: What support do you offer?

A: Any member of our Editorial Team (see left hand panel) will be delighted to assist you with any enquiry.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need to.

Q: Is there any way in which we can help the development of "Followers"?

A: Absolutely!  We want to keep this programme developing and improving its process, ideas, activities and general content.  So, if you have a good idea on how to deliver a lesson we want to hear it.  If you have noticed any way that the lesson(s) can be improved, let us know.  If this programme remains static and unchanging we shall have failed.  This is a  project we ALL need to work on.  Over to you!

Q: What authority and blessing does this programme have within the Orthodox Church?  

A: This programme grew out of the instruction and initiative of His Eminence, Metropolitan Silouan of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland.  It has his blessing for use in our Archdiocese.  We hope that it will be used by others with due authority.

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Followers Editorial Team: Fr. Gregory (above), Oana Dragan, Christine Bitar, Marianna Roberts, Stefka Kuncheva, Fr Michel Touma, Miruna Belea and Kameliya Konstantinova.

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