Followers - an Orthodox Educational Program (3-18 years)
Followers - an Orthodox Educational Program (3-18 years)

Seniors (15 - 18 years)

Upon completion of this Course refer the 18 year olds in question to the Archdiocesan Adults Course in Orthodox Faith and Life - E-QUIP - an online, distance learning course.  This may be found at the following address:

E-Quip Course in Orthodox Faith and Life

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Archpriest Gregory Hallam

Tel:  +44 (0)161 456 8167

Mobile +44 (0)7780 970884


Followers Editorial Team: Fr. Gregory (above), Oana Dragan, Christine Bitar, Marianna Roberts, Stefka Kuncheva, Fr Michel Touma, Miruna Belea and Kameliya Konstantinova.

Visitors from 27 September 2016

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