Followers - an Orthodox Educational Program (3-18 years)
Followers - an Orthodox Educational Program (3-18 years)

Help for Parish Priests and Senior Catechists / Leaders in introducing "Followers" into your church, community, home or school - Equipping Your Leaders

TELL ME - Well, you have everything here to "tell" them but for the inexperienced albeit motivated leaders and workers this does not constitute effective training.  It can simply be discouraging if the material and the methods are not handled properly with practice.

SHOW ME - This is better.  Why not arrange a session where your leaders and workers become "children" for half an hour and you take them through a lesson so they can be shown how it is handled?  Fun ways of learning are always good, even for adults!

INVOLVE ME - This is best of all.  After the SHOW ME session (above), have another session with a starter group of students. You will be the leader and your trainees will observe and perhaps perform straight forward tasks to assist you.  Talk about this experience of leading a group afterwards and gradually ease them into the role with continuing support in a timely way.  Do not also forget to involve your older youngsters in this way.  They will be leaders and trainers in the future.

Site Update: TERM 3 - Making progress - Thanks for your patience!

We apologise for the delays over the last two years in completing this project.  We are now rededicating ourselves to finish by 31st August 2023, God helping us!

Could you possibly help out in helping us to finish this mammoth project?  This is mainly for the 3-6's and 17's.  If you are familiar with the basic principles of Christian education of the young, we should like to hear from you. Go to the Contact page. Thank you.

Christ receives children and youths.

Remember, you are doing this for Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Please note that in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland His Eminence, Metropolitan Silouan, has firmly stated that children's education in the parish should NOT take place at the same time as the Divine Liturgy at any point.  It should take place after the Liturgy or at some other time.  Our children and young people should take a full part in the Liturgy and not be absent for any part of it.  This also, of course, has an impact on the teachers and leaders themselves.

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